‘Schaulust’ is a piece exploring the limitations of new media through the marriage of traditional photographic process’s and contemporary digital media, with reference and drawing influence from psychological theorist Jaques Lacan and his work on the mirror phase of development.

Schaulust is an explorative project focusing on the lust for imagery in modern culture and the disposable and reproducible nature of the photograph, while exploring viewer/ subject’s consciousness through a confrontational live engagement installation.

The project has been developed through D.I.Y camera builds and programming to create a continuous repetition of scanned portraits. An 8 sided 3d hidden camera capturing the viewers interaction with the mirrored surface, followed by the confrontation of these images being projected onto the walls of the following gallery space. The 2d still images create a nostalgic textured feel in juxtaposition to contemporary digital processes. A representation of the uncontrolled/ unedited/ stolen image of the viewer/ subject.

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